You Can Listen to Jimi... Can You Hear Him?

Image via Wikipedia So my people have come clean and now they're hip to my scene, think they know what the World is about and what it all means.  Aliens. Space Travel. Pimp rides and keeping a vibe.  They say, "We know what your reppin' Mr. World.  We see from the inside."
Now that's all well and good the secret might be out but things around here still need changin', no doubt.   At first glance it's not at all what you think. Perception and reality are all in reverse. It's beyond any scene that we all must traverse, dig.
So few soldiers we had back in the day but I feel a resurgence, I feel it today.  I hear the pop and hiss of vinyl, the funk, and the cool.  I see brothers of all colors just trying to figure one another.  There is great promise in the youth beatin' these streets, a smile on every audiophile that Mr. World meets.
The signs, they were all there back in the day.  No one screamed louder than The Man that could play.  "But fir…

Red Velvet and RainWater

Cover of The Rainwater LP It's a beautiful thing when Mr. World gets to roam.  The road has always suited me just fine.  For the turning over of the new year, I found myself hand-in-hand with sweetest thing in the galaxy, Ms. Red Velvet Scrubs.  Now, you know my girl can't sit still for more than a beat and this time it was the heart of Texas where we happen to meet. 

The plan was simple enough for an alien and his squeeze; deadhead for Austin to see a funk band that was gonna bring us to our knees.  Well, the idea was tight and the weather was all right, but I could see on my girl's face it would be a long night.  The funk fell flat and the scene was far from all that.  Luckily, we had a cure for the blues that gave us all our groove back.

Right before we made for Austin, Velvet hit the World up for his latest sounds.  Ms. Scrubs knows I am hip to the classics and have a feel for the flow.  But it was my man Clarence Greenwood, lately, that had been stealing the show.  N…

Sam Cooke, Live at Harlem Square, 1963

Image via Wikipedia I told ya'll about my funk-fiend homeboy Milton Carrillo.  If you've been following Mr. World from day one then you'll be picking up what I'm 'bout to lay down.  Well my amigo from the San Fernando Valley is legendary for his Dub Reggae knowledge.  One of my favorite ways to keep the flow a go is to straight chill in the Sunset studio with my man Milton.  Sun turns to night and the tunes are all super tight. 

Now, my man knows I can get down with some Dub but he really knows what keeps the space machine flying, and my home planet from dying is the Soul.  I'm always bustin' out the classics that the Professor said were essentials; Otis, Wilson, Marvin, Ray and Etta, etc..  Homeboy thinks it's a trip when I start talking my jive about The Mission and my alien crew.  He sees my white skin and my funky ass threads, he's thinking, "This fool can't be for real.".  I try to break it down for him one piece at a time but when…

Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai

Image via Wikipedia The people of Earth are always coming up to Mr. World and asking me for my list.  Everyone has a list, ya dig, and the fine folk out here must be catching on to the fact that I ain't no regular Jack.  Follow me now, I'm talking about your top 10, 20, or even 100 flicks you can get down with the most.  In some cases, to keep it all cool, I'll rattle off a few "must haves" just to keep the flow a go.  But somewhere down the line I felt it was best to check in with The Professor and lay out some classics for my people to vibe on.  After all, it's a need we all gotta feed.  You have to sift through a whole lot of dogs these days to find a purebred. 
So, the Man With the Plan was happy to kick me down his 20 favorites of all time and the World studied his lineup, believe that.   It read like a road map to the real.  Everything was represented, from the birth of the cool black and whites to the contemporary hip thrillers.  Ya see, the trip is, th…

Red Velvet visits Amoeba

Image via Wikipedia Nothing puts a smile on Mr. World's face faster than having Red Velvet Scrubs come to town.  Red Velvet is my sweet girl from middle America with the heart of a giant and the face of an angel.  The Man gave her both so she could take care of the sick and help heal the hurtin'.  And nobody can make Mr. World feel better that's for certain.  Now if there's one girl who bounces around the Earth as much as Jet Stream Jenny, it might be my girl Miss Scrubs.  Her next stop is Dallas, TX.  That's where she'll learn the skills that will help pay the World's bills.  If you can dig that?  You're probably asking yourself, now who's the Man, Mr. World.  I'll get to that down the road people.  

I told ya'll Red Velvet was sweet and I meant it.  But she's also smooth like silk and sharp as a tack.  My girl is always studying me, trying to figure out what makes me tick.  It's a hard job tryin' to figure out the World.  If I to…

The Vampire and World on the Road to Zion

In order to qualify as an Interplanetary Vibeologist every once in awhile you have to hit the road and do some recon.  So last week I called up the Portland Vampire and asked him if he had ever seen the vast coolness of Zion National Park.  Like I said earlier, the Vampire prefers the chill of the dark and Zion sits right in the heart of the desert so I didn't know if he would be hip to the trip.  Course my man said he had had enough of the sounds and smells of Hollywierd and he was down to leave the underground.

So we loaded up the gear and piled into the Gear Truck, a.k.a. a mid nineties GMCYukon, a loaner from Jet Stream Jenny. Dominguez and I use it as a cover car on the city streets to keep a low profile.  They'll be more on Jet Stream Jenny later, believe that.  She is another foot soldier the Professor has set up in an undisclosed location.  Fact is, this space chic talks quick and moves like lightnin'.  She's never in the same place twice.

The Vampire and I set…

Moonshine Charley and Fitz and The Tantrums

Image via Wikipedia A few days ago I mentioned we had another soldier on the ground out in NYC.  You see the Professor, in his infinite wisdom, only sent out his best crews to take care of this mission.  He knew if we all came burnin' through your atmosphere at the same time ya'll would freak, puttin' a serious end to our winnin' streak.  So before the good Doctor and I hit the streets of L.A., he sent Moonshine Charley down to the Big Easy to blend in with the scene.  This cat has been on the ground for years mixing in up with the sounds and feel of the South.  The Professor knew only 'Shine could come down here solo to a city like New Orleans and go undetected by you human folk.  His ear for the groove and feel for the funk is legendary back home.  

When Dominguez and I touched down on the big blue marble the plan was to rendezvous with Moonshine, take on the human form, and collect our credentials.  After 'Shine hooked us up, he headed straight for NYC on an e…