Thursday, May 26, 2011

You Can Listen to Jimi... Can You Hear Him?

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So my people have come clean and now they're hip to my scene, think they know what the World is about and what it all means.  Aliens. Space Travel. Pimp rides and keeping a vibe.  They say, "We know what your reppin' Mr. World.  We see from the inside."

Now that's all well and good the secret might be out but things around here still need changin', no doubt.   At first glance it's not at all what you think. Perception and reality are all in reverse. It's beyond any scene that we all must traverse, dig.

So few soldiers we had back in the day but I feel a resurgence, I feel it today.  I hear the pop and hiss of vinyl, the funk, and the cool.  I see brothers of all colors just trying to figure one another.  There is great promise in the youth beatin' these streets, a smile on every audiophile that Mr. World meets.

The signs, they were all there back in the day.  No one screamed louder than The Man that could play.  "But first, are you experienced?  Have you ever been experienced?", Jimi asked plain and clear.  They say he couldn't read music, said he couldn't jam in key.  But his sound touched the stratosphere and brought the establishment to it's knees.

It was in this month of May, 1967, that Hendrix brought his new language to the world.  The mind altering LP, Are You Experienced, is a cosmic trip.  It's 33 revolutions per minute.  It's rocket ship.

We all know the tracks; Purple Haze, Fire, The Wind Cries Mary, and the perfect Hey Joe.  But there are few more tracks you just gots to know.  Put on Third Stone from the Sun and I Don't Live Today.  Let it all sink in and really listen to what the man has to say.

There is one LP that Mr. World holds to close to his heart.  If your having trouble hearing then The Experience ain't a bad place to start.  Can you dig it?

- Mr. World

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