Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Vampire and World on the Road to Zion

In order to qualify as an Interplanetary Vibeologist every once in awhile you have to hit the road and do some recon.  So last week I called up the Portland Vampire and asked him if he had ever seen the vast coolness of Zion National Park.  Like I said earlier, the Vampire prefers the chill of the dark and Zion sits right in the heart of the desert so I didn't know if he would be hip to the trip.  Course my man said he had had enough of the sounds and smells of Hollywierd and he was down to leave the underground.

So we loaded up the gear and piled into the Gear Truck, a.k.a. a mid nineties GMC Yukon, a loaner from Jet Stream Jenny. Dominguez and I use it as a cover car on the city streets to keep a low profile.  They'll be more on Jet Stream Jenny later, believe that.  She is another foot soldier the Professor has set up in an undisclosed location.  Fact is, this space chic talks quick and moves like lightnin'.  She's never in the same place twice.

The Vampire and I set out in the cover car, leaving the good Doctor in the garage to tend to the Space Caddy and L.A. hipsters.  Now we use the Vampire a lot for documenting the scene and beaming back footage to the home planet.  He's one talented immortal and that's no lie.  He can bend the light, keep it tight, and make the whole thing look right.  What this cat was a little weary about was the trek we were making straight through Mormon Country.  The whole Utah thing was making my man squirm in his skinny jeans.  But World was there to keep it cool.  When the Vampire laid eyes on the place he'd be actin' fool.

With the stank and sirens behind us we came upon the Park.  The World had to step back.  I was amazed by how quickly we were put in our place by the Enormity of Zion.  Cliffs and jagged rock reached up out of the ground trying to touch the stratosphere.  My co-pilot was instantly transformed as we took it all in.  For three days rivers raged, thunderstorms boomed and blasted, and in between the desert sun warmed our souls.  All was right.   We didn't hear a helicopter, a car crash, or a Blackberry scream fest the whole time.  The Vampire was diggin' the imagery so much I had to shout at my brother to put away the camera, build a fire, and put down a cheese dog.

You see, on Earth, the Christians believe Zion to be the Holy City in the Kingdom of Heaven, The Rastafarian rep Zion as Africa, and Jews believe it to be a hill where the City of David was built.  What I was laying down to my pale skin compadre is that on my planet Zion is a state of mind.  It is a vibe, something you catch and hold on to.  It doesn't belong to anybody so there is no fear to be had. The whole mission centered on this idea.  Man oh man was he hip to that!  He ate it all up; he let it creep right into his skin, and breathed it deep into lungs.

All in all the trip was a success.  We got some serious footage for the Professor, picked up a part for the Caddy outside Barstow, CA, and for the first time in a long time I saw my home shimmering up there in the sky.  It was bright and beautiful.  It reminded me of where I was and how important Dominquez and I are to our people.  A chill came over Mr. World and if you visit Zion National Park that same chill will come over you.  Can you dig it?

-Mr. World 

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Moonshine Charley and Fitz and The Tantrums

Broadway show billboards at the corner of 7th ...Image via Wikipedia
A few days ago I mentioned we had another soldier on the ground out in NYC.  You see the Professor, in his infinite wisdom, only sent out his best crews to take care of this mission.  He knew if we all came burnin' through your atmosphere at the same time ya'll would freak, puttin' a serious end to our winnin' streak.  So before the good Doctor and I hit the streets of L.A., he sent Moonshine Charley down to the Big Easy to blend in with the scene.  This cat has been on the ground for years mixing in up with the sounds and feel of the South.  The Professor knew only 'Shine could come down here solo to a city like New Orleans and go undetected by you human folk.  His ear for the groove and feel for the funk is legendary back home.  

When Dominguez and I touched down on the big blue marble the plan was to rendezvous with Moonshine, take on the human form, and collect our credentials.  After 'Shine hooked us up, he headed straight for NYC on an epic journey.  The dude loves to fly solo and stay below the radar.  He is taking in the sights and sounds of The Big Apple searchin' for the Cool and collecting parts for the Caddy.  Yesterday he hits me up with an update.  "World, what it is my man?" he says, "NYC is crazy cool.  Dig that!  I am getting all mixed up in the scene out here.  I'll send you the data on the Wire if you know what I mean?  Are you and the Doc holdin' it down?  You feelin' any new vibes?"

This was my opportunity to introduce Moonshine and the rest of the galaxy to the sounds of Fitz and The Tantrums.  If you haven't heard Fitz and gang don't worry they'll be world wide in a couple of months.  Their debut album, Songs For A Break Up, will blow your doors off man.  I ain't foolin' and neither are they.  I've heard all kinds of fools trying to define this six piece soul machine.  Trouble is, they escape the crazy word you Earthlings love so much, genre.  

Fitz stands up front delivering the full vocal stylings, it's like Beck meets Darryl Hall.  Believe that?  Noelle Scaggs backs up the man on vocals but her soul soars on it's own.  Jememy Ruzumna is on the keys and the organ play carries man.  It may end up being their trademark.  Sax, drums, and bass round out this L.A. band that seems to be a part of some crazy, cool movement.  These bands are sproutin' up with something to say.  The full feel ya know?  It may cross over to Pop but it's passionate.  It's like their pleading with people to hear them when they sing and man does it sound right.  It's the stuff the Professor wants us to beam back. It's the stuff that keeps the flow, keeps us livin'. 

Grab MoneyGrabber for free on their site: If you're not feeling it, check out Winds of Change and We Don't Need Know Love Songs, two of my favorites on the album and a better representation of what Fitz and the Tantrums can really bring.  It's a short debut LP, 5 tracks, but look out 'cause it will grab ya.  Keep your eyes peeled for Pickin' Up The Pieces on the 24th of August, the follow up to Break Up, and more from Moonshine, Dominguez, The Professor, and of course yours truly...

-Mr. World 

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