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Red Velvet and RainWater

Cover of The Rainwater LP It's a beautiful thing when Mr. World gets to roam.  The road has always suited me just fine.  For the turning over of the new year, I found myself hand-in-hand with sweetest thing in the galaxy, Ms. Red Velvet Scrubs.  Now, you know my girl can't sit still for more than a beat and this time it was the heart of Texas where we happen to meet. 

The plan was simple enough for an alien and his squeeze; deadhead for Austin to see a funk band that was gonna bring us to our knees.  Well, the idea was tight and the weather was all right, but I could see on my girl's face it would be a long night.  The funk fell flat and the scene was far from all that.  Luckily, we had a cure for the blues that gave us all our groove back.

Right before we made for Austin, Velvet hit the World up for his latest sounds.  Ms. Scrubs knows I am hip to the classics and have a feel for the flow.  But it was my man Clarence Greenwood, lately, that had been stealing the show.  N…