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Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai

Image via Wikipedia The people of Earth are always coming up to Mr. World and asking me for my list.  Everyone has a list, ya dig, and the fine folk out here must be catching on to the fact that I ain't no regular Jack.  Follow me now, I'm talking about your top 10, 20, or even 100 flicks you can get down with the most.  In some cases, to keep it all cool, I'll rattle off a few "must haves" just to keep the flow a go.  But somewhere down the line I felt it was best to check in with The Professor and lay out some classics for my people to vibe on.  After all, it's a need we all gotta feed.  You have to sift through a whole lot of dogs these days to find a purebred. 
So, the Man With the Plan was happy to kick me down his 20 favorites of all time and the World studied his lineup, believe that.   It read like a road map to the real.  Everything was represented, from the birth of the cool black and whites to the contemporary hip thrillers.  Ya see, the trip is, th…

Red Velvet visits Amoeba

Image via Wikipedia Nothing puts a smile on Mr. World's face faster than having Red Velvet Scrubs come to town.  Red Velvet is my sweet girl from middle America with the heart of a giant and the face of an angel.  The Man gave her both so she could take care of the sick and help heal the hurtin'.  And nobody can make Mr. World feel better that's for certain.  Now if there's one girl who bounces around the Earth as much as Jet Stream Jenny, it might be my girl Miss Scrubs.  Her next stop is Dallas, TX.  That's where she'll learn the skills that will help pay the World's bills.  If you can dig that?  You're probably asking yourself, now who's the Man, Mr. World.  I'll get to that down the road people.  

I told ya'll Red Velvet was sweet and I meant it.  But she's also smooth like silk and sharp as a tack.  My girl is always studying me, trying to figure out what makes me tick.  It's a hard job tryin' to figure out the World.  If I to…